Judges, Speakers and Club Contacts

Contact Details

The pages that are accessible from the links below contain details of SLF judges, speakers and some club officers. Because they contain personal contact details they are only accessible with an appropriate login name and password.

These logins and passwords have been circulated to club secretaries and if you need to use the information below, please contact your Club Secretary for them.

If you notice any details that are incorrect, or if there are any omissions please email web@fslps.org.uk and we will make the corrections as soon as possible.


For SLF inter-club competitions, 'A' List Judges should be used. This list includes those SPA and KCPA judges who have indicated a willingness to be involved. Any other judge from the KCPA lists and the SPA 'A' list is also acceptable within the SLF rules, and may be invited by clubs on an individual basis.

SLF 'B' List Judges can be used for internal club competitions only.

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Club and FSLPS Contacts

Contact details for club secretaries and club SLF delegates are available. Also included are e-mail lists for the FSLPS Committee.

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